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Round Top Mercantile Company

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Fresh Meats and Satisfying Eats Daily

One of the best parts about living in Texas is the food. Whether you're looking for big flavor or a hearty, on-the-go meal, you've already found it at Round Top Mercantile Company. We are your local source for fresh meats in Round Top, Texas. Together with our on-site delicatessen, our store has the choice cuts and fine food you deserve for your entire family.

The Full Line with Great Cuts

The fresh meat section has all the meat, seafood, and poultry you need to match your menu. Whether you're preparing for a cookout or stocking your freezer, we have the variety of meat you want — all at sensible prices. Our display cases are always packed full with:

• Angus Private Selection Ribeye and Sirloin Steaks
• Round Steaks
• Chuck Steaks
• Briskets
• Ground Beef and Chili Meat
• Hand-Sliced Pork Cutlets and Roasts
• Chicken Parts

Frozen Seafood

The taste of the sea is easier to find when you visit us. Our frozen food section includes fish fillets, crab legs, and more.

Fresh Meat

Custom Orders Accepted

Planning a special occasion? Count on us to get you the right cuts, right on your schedule. Our meat market accommodates custom slicing. Simply visit our call ahead of time.

Fine Food at the Delicatessen

Planning to hit the road or getting ready for a big project? Be sure to treat yourself first at our full-service delicatessen. We prepare deli meats and cheeses daily. On top of that, we stock products from the revered Boar's Head line, and also Eckermann's Meat Market. World-renowned and local flavors are here under one roof.

Party Planning Made Easier

If you're planning a party, we'll be happy to add to your spread. Our deli accepts special orders for party trays. Choose from our fine selection of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits. We'll make the arrangements to your preferences.

Fresh Sandwiches and Refreshments

Lunchtime is always a highlight of the day. Make your own mouth-watering creations at our deli. Fresh sandwiches, just how you like them, are available any time of the day we're open. So whether you're preparing for a big trip or just want a quick bite to eat, we have you covered. Be sure to stop by the fountain for a cool drink. We stock Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper products.