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Round Top Mercantile Company

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Specialty Drinks for Those Special Moments

Great food, bracing beverages, and pleasant company are all ingredients for a good time. Stock your refrigerator full of flavorful refreshments. At Round Top Mercantile Company, our grocery also includes a wine section and "beer cave" to appeal to your sense of taste. Our humble general store in Round Top, Texas, stocks all kinds of domestic and imported beer and wine.

Nothing quite finishes a long day like enjoying your favorite drink. To that end, we supply quality beverages from across the country and around the globe. A whole world of flavors is waiting to be discovered — right here, close to home.

Alcoholic Beverages

Introducing the Beer Cave

Are you eager to clock out and kick back? The Beer Cave has the right stuff waiting for you. We recently built onto our walk-in beverage cooler, which keeps your favorite beverages at a cool 46 degrees. On top of that, our extensive beer selection includes both domestic and imported favorites. All told, we have 50 different beers available, hailing from the United States and other countries, including:

• Germany • Holland • Canada • Mexico

Wind Down with Wine

Wine has long been a great accent for pleasant gatherings, fancy meals, and moments of relaxation. Let the good times roll and pick up a few bottles for you and your friends. We sell fancy wines and champagnes. Great products from California, as well as imported bottles from Germany and Australia, are available.

Drink Local! Texas-Made Drinks in Stock

Enjoy what the microbreweries and wineries right at home have to offer. As an independently owned and locally minded store, we love to help our community any way we can. To that end, we are proud to stock and sell a wide variety of beers and wines made in our great state of Texas.